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Book review by Barbara Hamburger Scott

The living Word of God, when we get it right, will be our strength, our healer, our full armor!”

The author propounds a view of the Christian gospel, which, she believes, offers humanity the chance to battle evil and accept God through free will. This redemptive creed refutes all ideas of predestination and God’s support for those who harbor evil in their hearts. Such notions, taught widely by many churches, suggest that God would have planned for and “approved” evildoing. In contrast, Porter insists God in no way condones thoughts and actions spurred by Satan. Carefully examining church history and mining deep biblical messages, she makes case after case revealing Satan’s “lies and deceptions” in her self-assumed symbolic role as “a lawyer defending our God.” One example cited concerns Jesus confronting the moneychangers at Jerusalem’s temple. This can’t be seen as an act of punishment since those who sin punish themselves in their refusal to accept God’s wish for them. Instead, it is a powerful revelation of Jesus’ role as Satan’s foe!

Such vivid explorations bring author’s premise to life and light. Written in the opening stages of the Covid crisis, Porter’s book is the second in a series she has designed around the dynamic concepts expressed here, Her lengthy treatise is helpfully filled with biblical references, charts, and orderly suggestions for readers who wish to adopt her radical but rational theology. Her work could be seen as especially crucial now as crises continually arise, and many churchgoers seem intent on believing that God planned them instead of realizing that God is against such happenings and needs an amassing of love to combat them. Observing that such catastrophes as Covid and 9-11 can occur and that they are part of Satan’s plot to rule mankind, she passionately urges all believers and those considering the spiritual pathway to accept Jesus and God as loving beings who need soldiers in the struggle against evil.

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